Providing peace of mind to the Water Industry in Aotearoa

Wai Comply is a Drinking-water compliance company

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving sustainable and safe Drinking-water compliance practices. Our team of dedicated and experienced experts have decades of combined industry knowledge across all aspects of the water industry. The team at Wai Comply are passionate about ensuring our clients protect their water supply, maintain their compliance and deliver safe Drinking-water to the public. 

We believe in not just working for our clients but empowering them to apply Drinking-water compliance practices their way.

Independent Auditing & Verification

Statutory Annual and Quarterly Audit Services for Water Suppliers.  Including recommendations and improvements to support the achievement of compliance obligations under the Quality Assurance Rules. 

Technical Services

Water Safety Plans and Implementation Reviews.  Source Water Risk Management Plans.  Compliance report development and independent one-on-one Compliance support for Water Suppliers who are dedicated to safe Drinking-water delivery and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Training and SOP Development

Developing SOPs with Water Suppliers to align to WSPs obligations. Emergency and continuity management support for Water Suppliers, including material development.  Water Carrier training and support with Water Safety Plan development. 

“Kua kore te wai, kua kore te Ao”

With the absence of water, the world would not exist

Who We Work With

Wai Comply work with new and existing Drinking-water suppliers who are dedicated to safe Drinking-water delivery within regulatory compliance requirements. 

We can cater our services to match the size, scale and complexity of the Drinking-water supply and the needs and capability of the Drinking-water supplier. 

We help new Independant Water Suppliers who are captured by the new Water Services Act 2021 regulations.