District Health Boards


Drinking Water Assessors

As trained and experienced Drinking Water Assessor’s (DWA) we are able to support District Health Boards with work delivered under the Ministry of Health’s public and environmental health contract. Such DWA work can include:

Scope 1 – Verification of compliance with the Drinking Water Standards; Annual Survey, writing verification of drinking-water supplier compliance reports, response to transgressions, catchment risk assessments, ground water security assessments, auditing quarterly compliance data (continuous or manual), assessing chlorine contact time, UV and membrane validation, and assessments of water carriers.

Scope 2 – Supporting DWAs to undertake assessments of drinking-water suppliers in their ability to undertake compliance samples (analysts), and calibrate drinking-water telemetry equipment.

Scope 3 – Assessing the adequacy of Water Safety Plans (WSPs).

Scope 4 – Undertaking inspections to determine whether Water Safety Plans (WSPs) are being ‘implemented’.

Service Planning and Delivery – Aid in the development or review of DWA quality administration programmes. This can include, developing DWA specific work-plans, developing quality management systems (to align with 17020 inspection body requirements), and undertake DWA capacity and efficiency reviews. 

Training and mentoring

This can apply across all the services applicable to District Health Board’s as described above. Wai Comply can also offer specific training opportunities (such as workshops/presentations) to aid DWA staff in any manner of assessment functions.

Quick facts:

  • Training can be run over a single day and can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the audience.

  • Courses can be delivered at a fixed price (no limits to the number of attendees).

  • Courses can be delivered at any preferred location.

  • Assessment of continuous data includes building knowledge around how programmes such as “WaterOutlook” demonstrate compliance.

Most recently, Wai Comply ran a technical training workshop for Waikato District Health Board on ‘Membrane Filtration Technology’ and ‘how to interpret continuous compliance data’. The intent of the training was to provide DWAs with the skills and knowledge to effectively assess membrane treatment technologies against the current Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. The training overall was extremely well received as feedback from participants included: 

All participants rated the training as “extremely worthwhile"

While participants also commented that; (the course was) “Good mix of high level technical with practical advice” andThe event was enjoyable because it made it easier to apply the complex criteria for membrane assessment.”

If your drinking-water assessment team is in need of such training, we would be more than happy to discuss options for delivering this training with you.

Keith Lewis of Hutt Valley DHB describes his interactions with Wai Comply as an advisor to them for Drinking Water Assessment services