Wai Comply is a Drinking-water compliance company that works to provide peace of mind to the Water Industry in Aotearoa.

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving sustainable and safe Drinking-water compliance practices. The team at Wai Comply are passionate about ensuring our clients protect their water supply, maintain their compliance and deliver safe Drinking-water to the public.

Wai Comply Ltd - a Drinking-water compliance company

Wai Comply was founded by directors Matt Parkinson and Josh Tākao in 2017. They have over 15 years’ experience working in the Drinking-water Sector and Drinking-water compliance is their area of expertise. They truly believed the Water Sector needed dedicated Drinking-water services which were committed to helping water suppliers achieve their potential to deliver safe drinking water and achieve their compliance duties.  

Today the company has grown with a team of experienced individuals who specialise in Drinking-water.  We work with different Water Suppliers across New Zealand.  We are committed to delivering meaningful outcomes for our clients and working with them to build organisational capability.   

We are a company that believes in our responsibility to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities and our environment.  We articulate this contribution through pro bono work because our skills and expertise are our greatest resources.   

Our Mission: To provide peace of mind to the Drinking-water Industry in Aotearoa

Our Values

Our Goals